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Cqui est bien, cest quon peut faire des cookies même aux toilletes. Très avantageux, je recommande


Trop cool!!!!✌

Cookies perdu

Impossible de récupérer son ancienne partie si lont supprime lapp ou change de téléphone.

Cookie clicker 2 !!!

Ich habe mit den Entwicklern geschrieben sie haben gesagt das sie an cookie clicker 2 arbreiten und es soll noch dieses jahr kommen !! Ich freu mich drauf


Geile App man wird richtig süchtig danach!!!!!!

Mehr Finger

Ich möchte das man mehr Finger auf einmal benutzen darf dann 5

Way overrated

This game is stupid and way overrated. You may think its addicting at first but youll get bored of it fast.


Its awesome!! I played for 6 hrs straight and its so fun if your bored of other games definitely recommending this game!


This game is the most amazing game that was ever created!!! I give it 6 stars! I also get 16 000 000 cookies per second


I played so much, I think I have carpel tunnel syndrome... XD


This game is so awesome when Im on my phone u could play it for hours

Great game

This game is amazingly fun. I like the fact that you dont need wifi for this as well.


Its kinda easy


if you see i have 12 someting


YESSSS! All of my masturbation training has finally led up to this point. Thank you Redbit Games


ipod touch 6(iOS9.3.2)でかなり発熱します。 改善おねがいします!!

Great Game

Im in math class and my phone is dying but I cant put it down!


This app is so cool and addicting dikniple


I love this game so much I love to play it when bored


Im more addicted to this than sugar and Im a kid

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