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Haters Gonna Hate

Love it quite addicting and riveting.

Best clicker game ! :)

I love clicker games and this one is the best one yet! Love it :) good time waster :) keep up the good work


I dont know why this is so addicting but I love it and now I need to keep clicking

Jogo legal

Tenque ficar clicando no cookie para ganhar dinheiro e ir comprando as coisas até ganhar muito cookie por cada segundo

Original Game is way better

This rip off of the original game is not nearly as good as the original which has plot, better upgrades, and more detail try the original cookie clicker on a computer and see if this game even compares


Fun, addictive game to play when you bored! Great way to pass time! Five Stars!

Wow dis iz gud

Srsly m8 dis be teh bezt gaem dood fiev stars m80 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ wow much good gaem ? I luv cookeh clikkeh


Dis game is so addicting Cps:422,080,628.8

Try the original web game

I think its a bit lame to poorly rip off a great game, whose creators have made available for no cost at all, and then work in microtransactions. Anything for a quick buck, I guess. Cant say I wouldnt have done the same.

I got swagger

I want to be in best reviews ??

This game is lit

I love this game its addicting and kills time one of my favorite games ever

The best to kill time

Can this go in the user reviews? This is the best app to kill time with!!!

Joe Flacco Elite?

I have had Cookie Clickers for almost four years now and I love it. Love the chocolate milk, golden cookies, weekly prizes, etc. . . Although I have a few small complaints. Cookie God is the most expensive power up and it upgrades your cps more than any other power up. I have 16 cookie gods and they cost like 45 quadrillion now. I would like to see the makers release like 5 new power ups greater than Cookie God. Great game highly reccomend doe. Go Celtics ☘️.


Before you download this just know that there is a bad part about this game its a addictive game, good luck not getting addicted ?? well awesome game bye


The MOST Adicting game I have ever played! Everyone should get it!


When ever I accidentally touch the store at the bottoms with my thumb it stops my cookies per second. They need to fix this.

The Greatest App Ever

Its the best

Amazing glitch

I found a little glitch get up to a high level with stuff and watch the video and tap fast and get another and repeat and when it doesnt work swipe your game

Would reccomend

You guys made a sweet game and my friends enjoy this. Wait.. Did I just make a pun?

Cookie clicker

The best game ever I just got it this morning I really like this game.

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